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What can you say to this man after? What type of compensation would be adequate for 30 years of his life?

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Must say Kudos..Kudos.. Congrads.. to Mr. Delasha Ent-Dewayne Wilkerson… on ALLL that God is using him… My dear brother you deserve it all .please continue by any and all means
Please read the indepth article on …his journey, challenges, triumphs, from what God brought him from, through, to where he is now.. and only God knows where he is going.. BAM..
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Mr. Dale Davis.. the man who does it all.. and All includes changing the world , by making a positive impact whereever and whenever he can.Soo many things Dale is involved in, his vast knowledege and experiences range from homeplessness to being a successful business owner.. to learn just a little about Dale..check out his awesome website and facebook… The Father of The Lets Change the World Movement…


Once convicted of homicide or murder in the 1st or 2nd degree, in the state of Pennsylvania you will be sentenced to life with no parole. Despite the crime being in the process of robbery, and murder, was not the motive; or you have an accomplice who was not the shooter, that conspiracy charge in itself will get you a life sentence with no parole.,


When I state no parole, this commonwealth state literally means such these already overcrowded prisons, for your natural life they want you imprisoned in these already overcrowded prisons where over 300 or more lifers reside in each. There is no parole of any sort; even after 25 years, as most others states make eligible. Over the twenty years I have been confined, numerous men have literally died due to old age; health issues; etc. while serving life sentences with no parole. These men sat over 30,40,50 years and were incapable of doing anything, if given the chance to return to society, due to their old age and health.

 In the 1990’s at one time, several lifers were commuted by the governors in this state, after doing 20, 30, etc. years ad having impeccable clean records; but since then commutation is an after thought it seems for anyone in this commonwealth state.


The purpose of this article is simply to give an idea about the differences of life sentences given in other states of America compared to Pennsylvania; where I have been illegally convicted at since 1992.

                                                                                                Thank You,


To read more about J’s case  the fight for his freedom, and how the person who prosecuted him has recently been convicted of several charges herself..

Mac~ an Air Force Veteran, 30 years experience as a licensed mediator/arbitrator and counselor, husband of 40years and counting, father, grandfather, and an “Old G” ( old, true Gentleman) truly from the old school..

Mr. Mac, a true blooded Old gentleman brings to the show his own unique and powerful swaggert, flavor, wisdom and insight. He’s been tooo many places, and in quite a few spaces.. He’s been there, and done that.. if you can imagine it or think of it.. He’s more than likely have seen it, done it, or have tried it , or thought about it..

He brings to the show his unique and powerful insight and wisdom that can only be acquired through living life to its fullest, non judgemental spirit, and his own unbeatable swaggert and flavor~~

Mr. Mac is a regular host, and a true blessing and a necessary ingredient for Its Not Law & Order, and we are blessed and honored to have him share his awesome presence and prayers with us on a regular~~