ITS NOT LAW &   Order an online talk radio show whose aim is to instigate change, to provoke and challenge  the misperceptions and ideologies about the criminal justice system, and to respectfully, honestly, and effectively deal with the issues that those who have been influenced, impacted, and affected by the system are facing daily..

Continuously, our goal is to  challenge the misperceptions and  reveal the  misinformation that we believe about the criminal justice system, challenging the myths and misinformed by provoking new ideas in order to gain an honest and  greater understanding of the real workings of the system..

To inform , educate, minister, and support everyone who have been  affected by the system ~ from the children and their caregivers, to those who are fighting for their freedom, those who are struggling with their freedom, those who are maintaining and handling the responsibility and privilege of their freedom, to the lawmakers, & the lawbreakers, in some cases it’s both  . Believing that knowledge is empowerment, we will educate each other and ourselves by acquiring “true’ information from reliable, professional sources.

 In realizing that God only gives us a testimony to get others through their test and to give Him the glory, we will have live interviews with those who have been there and done that. Knowing that God has no favorites, what he has done for one, He will do for another~~ Guaranteed~~

You will think,and  at times you will laugh until you cry, and maybe even cry until you laugh~~No matter what you believe, no matter what you think, no matter how you feel~ You will learn something new and  realize that its not TV, Its not HBO, and  “IT’S NOT LAW & ORDER” ..


Wednesday @10pmEST