The Criminal Justice System ~ Friend or Foe?

To Protect & Serve or To Provoke and Serve you on a platter~~~~

We all have come to believe that the Criminal Justice System has a purpose, and it serves its purpose, whatever that purpose may be. Is it a friend of the people,  created by the people and for the people? Or is it a foe, seeking out whom it may devour and destroy~ attempting to steal your life,  kill your faith, and destroy your dreams~

Many believe that the criminal justice system is designed to provide justice in an unjust world, to administer to apply the law fairly without biasness and/or prejudiceness, and that  one is innocent until proven guilty. However, even more believe that there is nothing fair or just about the criminal justice system, that it is a corrupt system operated by prejudice people with a hidden agenda, and one is guilty until, they prove their innocent , if they ever will…


Whatever you think, & However you feel ~~ please come and openly and frankly tell it like it is~~~


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