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As we bring this awesome month~ long series to a close, at least for now~~ “We Are In This Together~Families and Incarceration””

Tonight~ its bringing it all together~~ The Children of Incarcerated parents.. Parents of Incarcerated Children…Collateral damage~Side Effects.. The children, the parents, siblings, relatives, pasters, Preachers, Ministers, Evangelists, Volunteers, ex Offenders~~~~

Tonight its open forum~~ We Are Our Brother’s Keeper, and We are All in this together~~Please join us~~ Until the next episode.. Please make it a bless, awesome, and marvelous one

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As we continue our month-long series of “We Are In this Together~ families & Incarceration”,  this week’s show “Collateral Damage~Side Effects”..

 We will talking with the Pastors, Reverands, teachers, Social Workers. Foster Care Parents~ those who see and deal first hand with the effects that incarceration has on a family.  In a spirit field  , God believing family a spiritual leader plays a vital role when a family member is incarcerated. They see the effects first hand, and in some cases may have experienced it themselves. How a family member’s incarecration effects the family has a whole~ kids who may act out~ a single parent totally responsible for the raising and rearing of the child~ the social workers who have to try and sort it out and have to try and provide resources to the family.


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As we continue our month~long series of ‘We Are In this Together~Families & Incarceration”~~we continue with “Parents of Incarecerated Children”~ 

As a parent, you know you have raised your children right, and have done the best you can.. However, they still got caught up.. When day after day, month after month, year after year.. You pray , and may not see any change in sight.. When your baby, the one you love, care for, and would give your life for~ becomes a man or woman behind those bars.. When visit after visit you try to be strong, no matter how driaing it can be.. When you use all the resources you have and then some to gain their freedom, and so far youre still fighting, and still praying~

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As we begin our series ~”We Are In this Together~ Families & Incarceration”~ We being with the show discussing and keeping it real with Children of Incarcerated Parents.. how they felt, how they dealt with it. and what affects did it have on them~ if any.. Stats says that if 1 parent has been incarecrated a child has a 1 in 5 chance of being incarcerated themselves, and if both their chances are 3in 5 they themselves will be incarecreated at one time or another in their lives..

Also, we will have a special guest~ Yes, with all of the other awesome guest on the show~ I myself, will step back and turn the hosting over to our interim host and be a guest on this show. Yes, for those who havent read or heard my testimony ..Please check it out at !!

 One of my parents was on death row and got off, and spent a great deal of their lives incarecrated. Even with a graduate degree, and charisma that should have been bottled and manufactured.. A great deal of their productive years  were spent behind bars, and my other parent was incarecerated for a very short period of time~ according to stats, Im in that 3 to 5 category.. Lets just say we all have a testimony to tell, and information to share.. So please join us October 9, 2011 @7pm

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